Fitness May Lower Death Risk Even Without Weight Loss

A man’s fitness level may be more important for his overall health than his body weight, a novel hgktykhfinding that runs counter to conventional wisdom.

A new study appearing online Dec. 5 in the journal Circulation finds that improving or even just maintaining your fitness level can help you live longer, regardless of whether your body weight has stayed the same or even gone up.

“We all tend to assume that it’s weight loss and obesity and seeing a change in pounds that is having the true effect on overall cardiovascular disease and, ultimately, mortality,” said Dr. Tara Narula, a cardiologist with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “For these researchers to draw the conclusion that really it’s fitness that may have more of an impact than seeing actual changes in pounds, that’s big news.”

Narula was not involved with the study, which was funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the Coca-Cola Co.

Given that two-thirds of the U.S. population are overweight or obese, the observation could change the way millions approach health.

How Fit Are You A Fitness Test for Adults

You owe it to yourself to make fitness a priority. Physical fitness can help prevent more than 40 ukfuiklfuichronic diseases including potential killers such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, and even cancer.

But how do you know whether you’re fit? Your overall fitness is a measure of four physical abilities — endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility — and body composition or body mass index (BMI). BMI tracks height and weight only while a body composition test, which calculates your fat and lean muscle mass, is an excellent indicator of overall fitness. For a more hands-on approach, try these personal trainer-approved fitness tests to see how you stack up.

Endurance and Cardiovascular Fitness Tests

Your endurance level reflects the health of your cardiovascular system — your heart, lungs, and circulatory system.

The VO2 Max Test: When you exercise intensely, you’ll eventually reach a point when your body cannot breathe any harder to keep up. That’s your VO2 max — the milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight (ml/kg/min). The more oxygen that

Natural Ways Boost Your Immune System This Winter

Lack of sleep and high levels of stress can increase the cortisol hormone, when this is ghk,lfyujpersistent over a long period is greatly lowers the immune system. Tobacco also affects the basic immune defenses and increases the risk of bronchitis and pneumonia and ear infections in children. Alcohol in high consumption restricts the immune system and increases exposure to lung infections. Similarly if you don’t eat enough healthy food such as fruit and vegetables with the right nutrients your immune system lacks in antibodies that it needs to protect against infection. This is why a lot of older people that don’t have enough nutrients often develop Streptococcus pneumonia. Studies show that respiratory and gastro infection may occur less with regular intake of probiotics.

These 5 simple steps can greatly improve yourdefences and increase your changes on fighting infection this winter:

  1. Take probiotics regularly
  2. Avoid tobacco smoke and cut down on alcohol consumption
  3. Get sunrays in the summer and some abroad in the winter where possible to build good levels of vitamin D, which greatly reduces your

Best Plus Size Brands Online

Stylish clothing in sizes 16 and up used to be difficult to find. The brick and mortar stores that specialized in that range were few and far between. What clothing that was available in an average department or big box store was anything but stylish. Luckily, the market has changed and online shopping has broken the location boundary. Here are two of the best plus size fashion retailers.


Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant has become a mainstay of full figure shopping with its first store opening over 100 years ago. Their jeans selection is amazing with constant reinventions to make sure the perfect pair does everything you want it to. In addition to their own brand, DKNY Jeans and Seven7 are included. Funny and fabulous actress Melissa McCarthy from “Mike and Molly” and last year’s “Spy” partnered with Lane Bryant and Seven7 to create unique collection that adds an embellished twinkle to any basic.



Torrid has jeans, dresses, accessories and specialty items for sizes 12 to 28. Although comedian Rebel Wilson’s Torrid collection is quite a draw, check out the Pop Culture tab. Finding a good pair of jeans can

Overeating and depressed

Chronic overeating and stress are tied to an increased risk of depression and anxiety, and in a new study, Yale researchers explain why that happens and suggest a possible solution.

The researchers report that the anesthetic ketamine reverses depression-like symptoms in rats fed a high-fat diet in a similar way it combats depression and synaptic damage of chronic stress in people.

“The effects of a high-fat diet overlap with those of chronic stress and could also be a contributing factor in depression as well as metabolic disorders such as Type 2 diabetes,” said Ronald Duman, the Elizabeth Mears and House Jameson Professor of Psychiatry, professor of neurobiology, and senior author of the paper published in the journal Neuropharmacology.

Scientists at Yale have shown that ketamine, also known as “Special K” and abused as a recreational drug, can quickly and dramatically reduce symptoms of chronic depression in patients who are resistant to typical antidepressant agents. Subsequent research showed that ketamine activates the mTORC pathway, which regulates the synthesis of proteins involved in creation of synaptic connections in the brain that are damaged by stress and depression.

The pathway is also involved in cellular responses to energy and metabolism, and people with metabolic

My Daughter Has Been Keeping Her Promise to Us

My daughter made the mistake of getting into a car with a boy who had been drinking. She was sober, but she was very aware that he had many beers before he got behind the wheel to take them both to the store. She ignored that fact. When he swerved off the road, my daughter was thrown from the car and hit a tree. After a long hospital stay, she is now participating in physical therapy in Glendale AZ which is about 30 minutes from our home. It is well worth it.

My beautiful girl had to stay in the hospital for several months. They told her to expect that she probably would never have the ability to walk again, but that stranger things have happened, and if she works hard, she may be able to at least sit up by herself. She said that she would not accept that diagnosis, and that she would work hard to make a full comeback. I believed her. Continue reading “My Daughter Has Been Keeping Her Promise to Us”

Shoulder Rehab After Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery

Some injuries you cannot see. I tore a rotator cuff in my right shoulder at work. A safety strap gave way and I grabbed the man it was attached to to keep him from falling. It wrenched my shoulder pretty good when it happened. It felt like my arm got partway torn off. There were no outward signs of injury, and I had to fight to get the MRI that showed the damage. After the surgery I went to physical therapy in Glendale AZ. They were the first people that gave me hope that I could get range of motion and strength back in the shoulder and arm.

Surgeons just cut, and my family doctor said I could hurt the rest of my life. Continue reading “Shoulder Rehab After Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery”

Finally, After Five Years I Am Getting Help for My Shoulder Pain

I had frozen shoulder on one side. It took two years to get a reasonable amount of range of motion back. Then it happened to the other side. Another two years in pain. I never got therapy, and lost strength and the ability to move. Some of the pain remained. Then, as I favored it more and more, I lost more strength. Then the cramping started in the muscles due to poor posture. I had to do something to get my strength back. I went to a Glendale physical therapy place that had a lot of positive testimonials from patients. I knew I did not lose all my strength or get all this pain overnight, and I knew recovery would take some time.

I was committed to getting better. Continue reading “Finally, After Five Years I Am Getting Help for My Shoulder Pain”

Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

If you invented a medication that could reduce anxiety anddepression symptoms, lower blood pressure, lower the risk forosteoporosis and mitigate pain from arthritis, you would likely be hailed a hero. However, that ship has already sailed. The medication already exists and it’s the best form of low-cost health care anyone could wish for: It’s called exercise.

That may be well and good, but how can you access your free daily dose of this prescription when your everyday life gets in the way? After all, you have daily responsibilities — family, school, work, laundry, grocery shopping, hobbies, etc. Not everyone can budget time (or money, for that matter) for a regular trip to the gym.

Why not consider using one of those daily responsibilities to your advantage? If you pick activities that fit into your life, you’ll be more likely to keep them up. So, if you find yourself working away at your desk all day, make your desk also work for you. Get moving through the rest of this article to learn five exercises you can do while still on the job.

According to the Mayo Clinic, strength training helps burncalories, reduce body fat, strengthen

The Importance of Living a Healthy and Conscious Life

Whether the discussion leans towards being disease-free or towards fostering a healthy body and mind, the concept of healthy living is now more popular than ever before. The general consensus is that today is as good a day as any to make a conscious decision to action positive, healthy changes in our every day lives.

Food as Fuel for the Body and Mind

Studies have shown that healthy eating, integrated into a healthy lifestyle where sleep and exercise are developed into a day-to-day routine, yields positive personal advances towards a longer and happier life.

Health experts suggest a healthy eating plan which remains similar, although not necessarily exact, every day. Eating a balanced breakfast is known to trigger the metabolism and give the body the tools that are needed in order to fuel the body and mind throughout the day. Portion control is an easy way in which to make sure that the body is not overloaded with calories, which may, in turn, make the body sluggish and eventually prone to weight gain.

Hydration and Moderation

Favourite foods can, of course, still be enjoyed; however, the key is moderation. One should also listen to the body and be able to identify the difference between hunger

How To Get A Fabulous Fitness By Doing Less

Health fitness will involve exercising and working out to look and feel far better. Your both mental and physical health depend upon it. Doing exercises is able to reduce your chances of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Additionally , it may slow up the results of depression and eliminate anxiety. The physical and mental great things about health fitness are well worth the efforts. They’ll make sure you possibly can live a healthier, happier life. Do you wish to just live life or would you like to enjoy your life? The choice is yours. Health fitness will involve acquiring activities that are likely to enhance your current fitness level. Everyone’s current fitness level is different so gaining better fitness level can be walking for 10 minutes and for somebody else it can be jogging an extra ½ land mile. The thing is you have to begin somewhere and you will only review where you want your well being fitness level to be in another year. Set realistic goals that are tough but feasible.


There are too many different ways to boost your health fitness to count. You choose the activities that you can

What Chiropractic Profession Should You Pick

Doctors of chiropractor are licensed physicians. They have earned doctoral degrees in chiropractic from accredited chiropractic colleges. The basic educational requirement is a pre-med bachelor degree and the student is off to chiropractic schools where he will receive specific training in the field of chiropractic. In chiropractic school, there is advanced training in anatomy and physiology. Since chiropractors perform hands-on therapy, they are required to complete clinical work before getting a licensed. Chiropractic students have to pass 5 national examinations an after this, their chiropractic profession can start.

What chiropractic profession would you pursue? There are two types of chiropractors today. There are the medical chiropractors and the principled chiropractors. Medical chiropractors are similar to medical doctors but they are very different from principled chiropractors. Why is there a difference? This is because the curriculum of chiropractic schools may either be medically or philosophically oriented. Once they graduate from this school, they are more likely to practice what they have learned which is of course, the right thing to do.

The term medical chiropractic can be questionable because chiropractic is not medicine so how can a chiropractic school be medically oriented. There are no surgeries or drugs prescribed in chiropractic care. There

Affordable Home Gyms

If they do get time, the difficulty is still there to find a place where they can feel free to perform workout with a free mind. Affordable Home Gyms comes a long way to redeem you from the worries of time and place together, which is unlikely to be found at one place. People would be surprised to see how comfortable and convenient it is to use. They will be at their liberty to do their exercise at their own convenient time in the privacy at their own home. Affordable Home Gyms aims at providing you with this advantage. You don’t have to run with time for the exercise; you don’t have to be at the specified place for your daily workout, which might be at a far off place from your home.


Affordable Home Gym gets you everything required for the exercise right at your own place. Not only that, you will find that this gym equipment is so useful and handy, that you can’t look for a more advantageous than this. You do not require a gym fitted with calibrated and gaudy equipment. Besides, your present need may not be

How to get Staggering Results in your Fitness Regime

There was a time when eating an apple a day was sufficient to keep the doctor away. Now, the picture has changed drastically in terms of keeping ourselves healthy, fit and fine all the way. With luxurious overpowering us on all the fronts of life, each and every of us has become a slave to them, and as a result, we have gone lazy like never-before facing a lot of health issues in our day to day life. To get rid of these health issues, many people make their moves to the nearby gyms and start doing the exercises on random basis despite the directions provided by the gym trainers.


Given below are some significant tips that will help you achieve your health goals in a gym:

  • On the day you take membership of a gym with a view to achieve your health goals, never start doing any exercise randomly. Just get guided by the gym trainer explaining him about your health goals.
  • You must keep in mind that different equipments have different role and are built keeping in view the different applications and utilities.
  • For example,

Which Is The Best Herbal Treatment For Constipation Problem

Constipation means different things to different people and for many people, it simply denotes stools that are not frequent, while for others, it means stools that are hard and difficult to pass. It also denotes incomplete emptying after a bowel movement. The causes of these symptoms vary from one individual to another, but regardless of the reason behind this condition, people are recommended to take the best herbal treatment for constipation before the condition worsens or creates some ill-effects. This is where Arozyme capsules get into picture. Here are some details to know about these herbal remedies:

About Arozyme capsules:

The best thing about these herbal remedies is that they are made out of potent herbs that possess natural digestive properties to prevent and to cure constipation in people. It will aid in digestion of different types of foods by maintaining a healthy pH level in the stomach. Without the use of any hard laxatives, the effective ingredients facilitate proper bowel movement. It can lubricate the intestines and can relax the nerves in the stomach.

The excessive formation of intestinal gas is eliminated by the ingredients present in the herbal treatment for constipation due to the carminative properties. The herbs also play a

Herbal Supplements For Kidney Cleansing To Improve Health

As per studies, inclusion of certain herbs in daily diet schedule is found to be very beneficial to improve the cleansing effect in kidneys. Here are some of the best recommended herbal supplements for kidney cleansing to improve kidney health. Proper functioning of kidney is needed for the normal production of red blood cells. Apart from increasing the production of red blood cells, normal kidney health is generally needed for proper urination and cleansing of blood cells.

Diet and regular exercises are two among the natural remedial measures suggested to alleviate the risk of health issues related to kidneys. Apart from maintaining proper diet and regular exercises, it is also suggested to hydrate your body by including proper amount of water in daily diet. As said earlier, certain herbal remedies are found to be effective to increase the cleansing effect of kidneys.

Chanca piedra is one among the most used herbs so as to break the accumulation of stones in kidney. It is generally known in the name of stone breaker. If you are in search of a safe herbal cure so as to alleviate the risk of stone accumulation then never hesitate to make use

Exercise Not a Priority in Southern States

Southerners and folks from Appalachia appear to be the biggest couch potatoes in the U.S., according to a CDC report.

In the majority of counties in those regions, more than 29 percent of adults reported getting no exercise other than physical activity performed for their regular job. When compared with existing maps of other CDC data, counties with the lowest levels of physical activity also had the greatest prevalence of obesity and diabetes.

The new exercise data come from the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) from 2004-2008, which used self-reported data from state-based adult telephone surveys and 2007 census information. The BRFSS survey asks participants if they do any physical activity or exercise outside the workplace.

However, the agency wanted to paint a larger picture of physical activity in the U.S., and synthesized the survey response numbers with stats and maps showing patterns of obesity and diabetes — which can be found on a special page on the CDC’s website.

The current analysis included data from 3,141 counties in the U.S., and found that inactivity outside the workplace ranged from 10 percent to 43 percent in 2008.

Making the Most of Exercise to Fight Obesity

Bonnie Matthews weighed about 265 pounds at age 43. Her doctor told her that if she did not lose weight, she would be facing serious health risks. Today, at age 47, Matthews has lost 130 pounds and is a certified personal trainer and weight-loss coach.

“I could not deal with the numbers,” recalls Matthews. “I could not think about the amount of weight I had to lose, but I could start walking and stop eating obviously unhealthy foods.”

Quiz: What’s Your Diet Personality?

Obesity is dangerous for your health, and overcoming obesity is a long but important journey that involves a healthy combination of diet and exercise. Taking the first step is often the biggest challenge. Here are some exercise guidelines to get started.

Getting Started With Exercise for Weight Loss

If you are significantly overweight, the most important thing to remember is to start exercising safely. Obesity puts stress on your heart, bones, and joints, so starting to exercise too quickly could result in an injury or aggravate a medical condition that could stop you before you get started.

Hula Hoop Might Help Shed Unwanted Pound

The Hula-Hoop, a large ring that can be gyrated around the waist, gained intense popularity in the 1950s and now it seems to be re-emerging as a hot trend in weight loss, a new study has found.

“Hooping” expends the same amount of energy as walking 4 to 4.5 miles per hour — enough to help a person firm up and slim down, according to a news release from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). And “it’s becoming a popular form of choreographed group exercise,” study author John Porcari, of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, said in the news release.

The study examined 16 women, ranging in age from 16 to 59, who regularly attended choreographed hooping classes. The researchers measured the women’s oxygen consumption, heart rate and rate of physical exertion as they completed a 30-minute video-led hooping class.

The researchers set out “to determine the effect of hooping on physical fitness and whether or not the intensity falls within ACSM guidelines for improving cardiovascular fitness,” Porcari said.

The study found that the average heart rate for the 30-minute class was 151 beats per minute, and the average caloric expenditure was equivalent

How to Choose the Best Bike for You

With the warm weather just around the corner, the urge to hop on a bike and go for a long ride can be pretty strong. “Riding a bike is fun because you can see the scenery go by,” says Alice Burron, MS, an exercise physiologist in Cheyenne, Wyo., spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise, and author of Four Weeks to Fabulous. “You can do it with friends. You can do it alone. You can ride in the mountains. You can ride in the city. It’s very versatile and it’s a great exercise for a change of pace.”

Biking is great for calorie burn. You can burn roughly 200 calories an hour on a leisurely bike ride; 450 to 600 calories if you’re biking at a good clip. “The harder you pedal, the steeper the hills, the more calories you’ll burn,” Burron says. “I love biking because not only is it a great aerobic exercise, it’s very easy on the joints. It’s one of my favorite activities for people with knee injuries.”

But wait! Before you can go, you need to invest in a good bike. Here’s how.

The Right Type of Bike

Surf More to Improve Your Fitness

Is your Pinterest filled with images of your fitness role models? Your inbox jammed with healthy living email newsletters? Your web browser’s bookmark bar flagged with your favorite fitness blogs? (Or is that just us?)

Good. Keep it up. All that surfing can pay off healthwise.

If you’re an online fitness fanatic who loves looking at new workouts, catching up with fitness and weight loss blogs, or drooling over healthy recipes like we do, it could help. Even if you don’t always read those bookmarked links and rarely do the workouts you peruse online, this Internet habit can inspire physical fitness in the real world, a new study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity found.

Online fitness information has a positive if small effect on physical activity and fitness, researchers concluded after an analysis of 34 previous studies, particularly for short-term behavior changes. Different types of online intervention — whether it was an email newsletter, an online weight-loss community, an informational web page, or a combination of the three — all increased physical activity in participants. Sedentary or insufficiently active study volunteers became proportionally more active after receiving online fitness information than already active participants.

Here are more keys

Fitness Fights High Blood Pressure Even With Family History

Although people with a family history of high blood pressure (hypertension) are at much greater risk of developing the condition themselves, regular exercise and physical fitness may significantly lower that risk, according to a new study.

“The results of this study send a very practical message, which is that even a very realistic, moderate amount of exercise — which we define as brisk walking for 150 minutes per week — can provide a huge health benefit, particularly to people predisposed to hypertension because of their family history,” study author Robin Shook said in an American Heart Association news release.

The researchers followed nearly 6,300 highly fit people ranging in age from 20 to 80 for nearly five years. Of this group, one-third had at least one parent with high blood pressure. These people had a 34 percent lower risk of developing hypertension than other people who also had a family history of the disease but were not as physically fit.

Overall, more than 1,500 of the participants developed hypertension during the course of the study. High levels of fitness, however, were associated with a 42 percent lower risk for high blood pressure — regardless of